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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Hello everyone I hope all is well. I just decided to take a break from writing. The chapter I was writing was bringing up old wounds that only time will heal. I know I have to keep pressing forward. So I decided to take a trip to Charlotte with my sister and her boyfriend. Usually I would travel alone but I wanted company this time and someone to record me swimming lol. It has definitely been awhile since I swam. We stayed at Drury hotel that place was nice our breakfast, snack, dinner, and two free adult beverages were included. It was very nice the indoor pool and jacuzzi was nice I had a blast. Being subjected to moving on other people time was something I was use to. I love the freedom I have to move as I please I definitely needed this trip. Of course I whipped their butts in bowling. Sometimes we all just need a break from the world so that we can rejuvenate and keep moving forward. The stress of the world maybe heavy so it’s good to just take time out to enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

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