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Mini MEcation

Updated: Jan 11

My mini MEcation, So if you read my book you would see that when I was visiting SC, I would get a room. This time I wasn't looking for any company but my own. I took my son to Virginia to visit his Father. So I decided to make this a mini vacay for myself. I got a room with a jaccuzzi tub I had a bottle of wine and music. I planned to go out for a drink to see the night life but it wasn't in the cards for me. I fell asleep which was what I needed. I have been having an eventful week going out with my friends. I have just been living my best life. The next morning I took another bath shoot I was getting my monies worth lol. I slept again until 10 am then I checked out. I decided to go the beach then head to the Cheesecake Factory. On my way to the beach I stumbled upon traffic I thought. People turned off their engines so I knew we weren't going anywhere for awhile. People were getting out of their cars I stayed inside I didn't know what was going on. We started moving over the water, oh snaps I was on a ferry I was like this is cool I seen it on Deja Vu starring Denziel Washington. I thought I was just going to the beach it definitely was a dope experience. I really enjoyed myself I treated myself to the Cheesecake Factory. This trip was all about me it was an adventure. Some people are afraid to travel alone and that's understandable the way the world is set up up you have to be careful. That's why I would not drink heavily if I am by myself and going out. You just have to make wise decisions especially if you're a female. I have me loving on myself heavy and life has been spectacular. It is important to take time for yourself all work and no play is no bueno no good. You deserve it you work hard take that time for yourself you wont regret it. Peace out my peoples one luv.

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