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Loving After Chaos

Updated: Jan 11


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Loving After Chaos can be difficult, I am here to tell you how I got through. I didn’t take a righteous path when it came to my decision making. Each situation helped me grow, I also gained knowledge of what I really want, in life and also in a relationship. The ones that suffer the most in past relationships, are the ones who take their time when it comes to getting into a new relationship. It takes time to heal, to trust someone all over again, especially when the very same person you gave your trust to said they loved you. They didn’t love you, they really didn’t care or else they would not lie to you, or hide things from you, and they definitely would NOT mistreat you and that’s a fact . You don’t want to bring your past trauma into your new relationship; it will only hinder what you’re trying to build. I have been through a lot, after almost losing my life to a boy I did nothing but give to and be loyal to. That makes you question who you really are as a person but no one should ever be in control of how you feel about yourself. I am a real life survivor, I make sure I thank the Most High everyday for another chance at life. When you know your worth you will never settle for less. Even I had to realize that.

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